• PR18-5AC

Data sheet 

Wire type and power AC 2-wire type
Sensing side diameter M18
Sensing distance 5mm
Installation Shield(flush)
Standard sensing target 18×18×1mm(iron)
Response frequency 20Hz
Current specification Leakage current: Max. 2.5mA
Control output Normally Closed
Material Brass(nickel plated)
Cable Standard/material Standard cable
Protection structure IP67
Body length Standard type
Environment_Ambient temperature -25 to 70℃, storage: -30 to 80℃
Environment_Ambient humidity 35 to 95% RH, storage: 35 to 95% RH
Hysteresis(distance) Max. 10% of sensing distance
Residual voltage Max. 10V
Insulation type Double insulation or reinforced insulation(mark: , dielectric strength between the measuring input part and the power part: 1kV)
Weight Approx. 130g(approx. 118g)

※The response frequency is the average value. The standard sensing target is used and the width is set as 2 times of the standard sensing target, 1/2 of the sensing distance for the distance.
※The weight includes packaging. The weight in parenthesis is for unit only.
※The temperature or humidity mentioned in Environment indicates a non freezing or condensation.

Proximity Sensor
Type Cylindrical round (PR Series)
Sensing Distance 8 mm
Header demension / square 18 mm
Shield Non Shield
Connection Type 2 m cable loose leads
Voltage 100 - 240 VAC
Wire Type AC 2-wire
Output Type NPN
Frequency 20 Hz

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  • Product Code: PR18-5AC
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