Shark Short Lever Selector Switches, Non-Flush, Illuminated, Ø22/25, 2 Positions maintained Cen...

Data sheet 

Mechanical characteristics_Operation angle Center 0º , Right 90º
Contact block_Electrical specification_Power voltage/current 110VAC~/10A, 250VAC~/6A
LED block_Power supply 12-24VAC~ 50/60Hz, 12-24VDC
LED block_Current consumption Max. 20mA
Protection structure IP52
Approval (LED blocks are except certifications)
Weight_Mounting hole_Ø22/25 Approx. 16g
Weight_Housing Approx. 7g
Weight_Contact block_Modular type A/B contact Approx. 10g
Weight_LED block_AC/DC voltage type Approx. 11g
Operation type Short lever 2-position, maintained
Color Blue
Contact block A contact: 1, B contact: 1
Contact block type Modular type
Environment_Ambient temperature -15 to 55℃, storage: -25 to 65℃
Environment_Ambient humidity 35 to 85% RH, storage: 35 to 85% RH

•Environment resistance is rated no freezing or condensation.
?The control unit, contact blocks, LED blocks are sold separately.
?The LED color is the same as the control unit.
?Connect up to 2 contact blocks. Connect the contact blocks only on the right and left side slots. It will not operate if connected to the center slot.

Multi Position Lever Button
Type Extended/Illuminated

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  • Brand: AUTONICS
  • Product Code: S2SRN-L3ABABDM
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