Slim Remote I/O, Coupler, EtherNet/IP, 24VDC, Max.64 units
Slim Remote I/O, Coupler, EtherNet/IP, 24VDC, Max.64 units

Data sheet 

Coupler type Ethernet/IP
Power supply_BUS(external consump.) 24VDC 400mA (Max. 9.6W
Power supply_BUS(internal supply) 960mA (Max. 4.8W
Power supply_I/O 24VDC, max. 4,000mA (max. 96W, max. 2,000mA/CH, 2CH/COM)
Power consumption_Coupler 24VDC standby/run: 200mA, max. load: 400mA (coupler max. load)
Communication speed 10/100Mbps
Memory_Input 504 byte
Memory_Output 504 byte
Max. connections for modules 64 units
Comm. connector RJ45 connectors: 2
Mounting type DIN rail mounting
Setting and monitoring PC connection with USB 2.0 Micro type connector (comprehensive device management program, DAQMaster)
Insulation resistance 100M? or more (500VDC megger basis)
Environment_Ambient temperature -10 to 55℃, storage: -25 to 70℃
Environment_Ambient humidity 35 to 85% RH, storage: 35 to 85% RH
Protection structure IP20(IEC standard)
Material Terminal: polyamide6, Body: modified polyphenylene oxide, Base: polyamide6, poly oxy methylene
Weight Approx. 265g (approx. 165g)

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  • Brand: AUTONICS
  • Product Code: ARIO-C-EI
  • Weight : 0.2 lbs.
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