• SFLA14-103
Safety Light Curtains, Advanced type, Through-beam, 10M Sensing distance, 103pcs & 9mm Optical a...

Data sheet 

Sensing type Through-beam type
Light source Infrared LED(855nm)
Effective aperture angle(EAA) Within ± 2.5 ° when the sensing distance is greater than 3 m for both emitter and receiver.
Sensing distance Short - Long mode (setting switch or atLightCurtain)
Short mode 0.2 to 5 m
Long mode 0.2 to 10 m
Detection capability Ø 14 mm (finger)
Sensing target Opaque
Number of optical axes 103
Optical axis pitch 9mm
Series connection Max. 4 SET (? 400 optical axes)
Power supply 24 VDC ±20 %(ripple P-P: ?10 %)
Current consumption Emitter: ?106mA, receiver: ?181mA
Safety related output: OSSD output NPN or PNP open collector Load voltage : ON - 24 VDC (except for the residual voltage)
Auxiliary output(AUX 1/2) "NPN or PNP open collector
Load voltage: ? 24 VDC
Lamp output(LAMP 1/2) NPN or PNP open collector
Load voltage: ? 24 VDC
Protection circuit Reverse power polarity, reverse output polarity, output short-circuit over-current protection
Safety-related functions Interlock (reset hold), external device monitoring (EDM), muting/override, Blanking (fixed blanking, floating blanking), reduced resolution
General functions Self-test, alarm for reduction of incident light level, mutual interference prevention
Others functions Change of sensing distance, switching to NPN or PNP, external test (light emission stops), auxiliary output (AUX 1, 2), lamp output (LAMP1, 2)
Synchronization type Timing method by synchronous line
Insulation resistance Over 20M? (at 500VDC megger)
Noise immunity The square wave noise (pulse width: 1?) by the noise simulator ±240VDC
Dielectric strength 1,000VAC 50/60Hz for 1 minute
Vibration 0.7 mm amplitude at frequency of 10 to 55Hz (for 1 min), 20 sweeps in each X, Y, Z direction
Shock 100 m/s² ( 10 G), pulse width 16 ms in each X, Y, Z direction for 1,000 times
Environment_Ambient illumination Sunlight: Max. 10,000lx, Incandescent lamp: Max. 3,000lx (received illumination)
Ambient temperature -10 to 55℃, storage: -20 to 70℃ (non-freezing or non-condensation)
Ambient humidity 35 to 85 %RH, storage: 35 to 95 %RH (non-freezing or non-condensation)
Protection structure IP65, IP67(IEC standard)
Material Case: Aluminum, Front cover and sensing part: Polymethyl methacrylate, End cap: polycarbonate, Cable: polyurethane (PUR)
International standards UL 508, CSA C22.2 No. 14, ISO 13849-1 (PL e, Cat. 4), ISO 13849-2 (PLe, Cat. 4), UL 61496-1 (Type 4, ESPE), UL 61496-2 (Type 4, AOPDs), IEC/EN 61496-1 (Type 4, ESPE), IEC/EN 61496-2 (Type 4, AOPDs), IEC/EN 61508-1~-7 (SIL 3), IEC/EN 62061 (SIL CL 3)

• Current consumption, Response time: It may differ depending on the models. For more information, see the "SFL/SFLA User Manual."
? Load voltage of Safety related output: The values of load voltage were drawn with PNP output, and in case of NPN output, apply these in reverse.
? Load current of Safety related output: Be sure that the load current should be greater than 6 mA
? Residual voltage of Safety related output: The residual voltage was drawn with 300 mA of load current.
? Auxiliary output, Lamp output: It is the non-safety output. Do not use it for safety purposes.

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