Temp Control, 1/16 DIN, Analog, PID Control, Relay Output, K Thermocouple, 800 C, 100-240 VAC

Data sheet 

Size DIN W48×H48mm
Display method Non-display
Control method ON/OFF control
PID control
Input specification Thermocouple: K(CA)
Temperature unit ?
Setting range 0~800
Sampling cycle 100ms
Control output Relay(250VAC~ 3A)
Power supply 100-240VAC~ 50/60Hz
Setting type Dial setting
Setting accuracy F.S. ±2%(room temperature 23?±5?)
Environment_Ambient temperature -10 to 50℃, storage: -20 to 60℃
Environment_Ambient humidity 35 to 85% RH, storage: 35 to 85% RH
Insulation type Double insulation or reinforced insulation(mark: , dielectric strength between the measuring input part and the power part: 2kV)
Weight Approx. 107g(approx. 69g)

•8-pin socket (PG-08, PS-08(N)) is sold separately.
?Setting accuracy: Below 100 ? model is F.S. ±3%
Below 100? model is F.S. ±4%, Over 100? model is F.S. ±3%
?The weight includes packaging. The weight in parenthesis is for unit only.
?Environment resistance is rated at no freezing or condensation.

Temperature Controller
Type Analog
Power Supply 110 - 220 VAC
Dimensions 48 x 48 mm (8 pin plug type)
Control Output Relay contact output
Sensor Input Type T.C: K(CA)
Temperature Range 0 - 800 C
Unit C
Control Method ON/OFF & PID control combined

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  • Brand: AUTONICS
  • Product Code: TAS-B4RK8C
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