• A63K-M5913-B
5-Phase Stepper, 85mm Square, Single Shaft, 1.4 amps, 63 Kg-Cm Torque, 5-Wire, Built in Break
Data sheet
Basic Step Angle [FULL/HALF] 0.72º/0.36º
Max. holding torque 63kgf.cm
Rotor Moment Of Inertia 4000g·cm²
Winding Resistance 3.92?
Rated current 1.4A/Phase
Motor length 163mm
Shaft type Single shaft
Wire connection Pentagon
Protection structure IP30
ElectroMagnetic brake_Rated excitation voltage 24VDC ⎓±10%(no-polarity)
ElectroMagnetic brake_Rated excitation current 0.62A
ElectroMagnetic brake_Static friction torque 40kgf.cm
ElectroMagnetic brake_Rotation part inertia moment 153×10@(^-7)kgf.cm²
ElectroMagnetic brake_B type brake Power on: brake is released, power off: brake is operating
ElectroMagnetic brake_Operating time Max. 60ms
ElectroMagnetic brake_Releasing time Max. 15ms
Weight Approx. 4.84kg(approx. 4.74kg)

Stepper Motor
Frame size 85 mm
Motor type Geared with brake built-in
Rated Current (A/Phase) 1.4 A
Max. Holding Torque 63 kgf-cm
Rotor Inertia 4000 g.cm
Motor Length 128 mm
Resistance (ohm/phase) 3.92
Wire connection Pentagon
Basic Step Angle 0.72 A (Full step) / 0.36 A (Half step)

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  • Brand: AUTONICS
  • Product Code: A63K-M5913-B
  • Weight : 11.24 lbs.
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  • $814.95

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