• FD-320-06B

Data sheet 

Type Standard type(bolt type)
Sensing distance 35mm
Min. sensing target Ø0.0125mm
Allowable bend radius R5
Cable length 2m
Free cut Free cut
Adapter Adapter
Environment_Ambient temperature -40 to 60℃
Sensing type Diffuse reflective type

※The sensing distance is a standard for red LED of BF4 Series and 10% of red LED is applied when it is green LED. It is applied to 40% of sensing distance for BF3RX.
※Min. sensing target is a value measured opaque material in accurate output status and the sensing distance is different with the rated sensing distance.
※Flexible optical fiber (Multi core): A large number of ultra-fine cores are all surrounded by cladding. Easy to install it in the many places as the change of the intensity of radiation by bending is small.
Break-resistant optical fiber: The fiber units contain a large number of independent fine fibers, by ensuring a high degree of flexibility. It can be used for moving parts (robot hand) and it is not easily broken.
※Free cut type's sensing distance can be shortened about max. 20% than the normal according to condition of the cable. [(FC-3) should be used for cutting fiber cable.]
※Glass type is for BF5, BF4 Series.

Fiber Optic Cable
Sensing Type Diffuse
Head Form Standard (M3 Bolt)
Hood Diameter (mm) 3
Cable Length (m) 2
Cable Type Break Resistant (R5)
Fiber Diameter (mm) 0.6

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